Hi Loves! I was recently sent the CoverGirl voxbox from Influenster! (I was sent this item for free BUT all opinions are my own!) I was super excited because this was my first box sent to me! It came with the mascara and an eyeliner (I will review the eyeliner separately) I have been using the mascara for about 2 weeks now! To see what I think about it, read on! 

**Covergirl claims::: crafted with expert technology, ingredients and an easy, one step application. It adds 400% volume and length to lashes.**

  • Packaging: I like the packaging. I’m a sucker for Covergirl packaging. It’s bright blue with purple writing. It’s not bulky which is nice! It’s very easy to hold in your hand when applying your mascara. 
  • Color: As most mascaras, I got black which is what I like. This mascara wasn’t extremely black though. I like my lashes to be as dark as my soul! Haha but really.
  • Brush: This is where the mascara starts it downfall unfortunately. I don’t like this wand. It’s oddly shaped and just doesn’t hook to my lashes. It doesn’t give me length or volume! In fact, the only way I can get anything is by using just the tip of the wand. 
  • Formula: Being a girl, I’ve dealt with some pretty flakey things. I.e. Boys, girls, friends, people in general. One thing I refuse to deal with being flakey is my mascara. I felt pretty confident with my makeup my first day back to work. I wanted to look great because the last time anyone saw me, I was pregnant. 3 hours into my shift, I looked in the mirror and I thought my freckles had turned black. NOPE. It was just my mascara. Also, if you have ever been driving and had mascara flake into your eye. That sucks.
  • Lasting power: Now that I’ve horribly bashed this mascara, I do give it credit for the lasting power of the part that doesn’t flake off. As a mommy, I am completely guilty of going to bed without thoroughly wiping off my mascara. I showered the next morning and SCRUBBED my eyes and it still wasn’t completely off! 
  • Overall: Overall, I am not a fan of this. It’s not something I would suggest to my girlfriends or for that matter, people I do care for. The only thing I really liked is the packaging. Maybe I’m being picky, but this doesn’t have my vote!