Hey ladies! I again have been very absent! 7 week old babies don’t sleep nearly as much as people claim! My little B prefers night sleep as to napping during the day! I haven’t really been wearing makeup but when I have been, it’s only a few items! Here’s what I HAVE been loving though! 

  1. Urban Decay Naked Concealer: I have rarely been using foundation since B has been in this world. It’s far too time consuming and he has a radar in him that tells him when I’m trying to look good! He wakes up every time! Fortunately, since not wearing foundation, I can get away with just using concealer! This is great for those under eye circles that I now sport. ( not that often to be honest) I blend it out either with a sponge or with a brush! 
  2. MUFE HD Powder: Another thing I have been using the heck out of! If you read my posts prior to being pregnant, you know I used to be an oil slick! Once I was pregnant, I ended up having very dry skin! Now that I am no longer pregnant, I am back to being oily! This has been a life saver! Even on days that I don’t wear any other makeup, I do put a pat of this on just so it’s not so disgusting! 
  3. Nars Orgasm blush: I do try to use a blush on top of a powder. I am so beyond fair skinned that it is sometimes a must! It adds a little something back into my face so I can look like a normal human. 
  4. Anastasia Brow Wiz: Let’s be real. For being Italian and having thick brows, they aren’t very structured. I use this anytime before I go out just so I have something together on my face. Doing your brows frames your face so much it is totally worth the 4 seconds it takes to do them!