Hey! About a month ago, I went to my closest Sephora. I hauled a bunch of stuff for you guys and as promised, I am reviewing some of the products I bought. The Too Faced “Little Black Book of Bronzers” was at the top of my list! One bronzer alone is $30 while the book was about $50, this makes this book, a great deal! As some one very fair, I was really worried about how all of the different bronzers would look on me. To see how I felt about this, Read on!

Packaging: What brought me so much to this product was the packaging! I am an avid book lover and this was so cute! It’s a nice matte black with gorgeous colors! It has the normal Too Faced Logo on it followed by a super cute gold emblem on it. On the inside it has the days of the week followed by an adorable illustration and a nice way to use that bronzer that specific day!  




Color: Like I said in the intro, I was really nervous about this book. Bronzers and pale people don’t always mix together!  


  • Milk Chocolate Soleil– MCS is a light medium matte bronzer. This will be your HG contour shade if you are fair skin! Plus, it smells like chocolate!
  • Chocolate Soleil– This is described more of a medium deep matte. I think this would be great if you are a tanner person. I like to actually mix this with MCS for the perfect shade. 
  • Snow Bunny- Snow Bunny is described as a luminous bronzer. I haven’t actually had a lot of luck with this. I am still trying to figure it out. I did mix it with beach bunny and pink Leopard today for a really luminous glowy all over glow.
  • Dark Chocolate Soleil- To my knowledge, this is a new shade! Which is great for all skin tones. I haven’t tried it yet but I really want to mix it with other stuff to see if I can get use of it!
  • Pink Leopard- This is the blushing bronzer. It is a gorgeous gorgeous color. I like to apply this with a light hand over a light blush. It looks so pretty!
  • Beach Bunny- This is a custom blend. There is a lighter bronzer shade and a darker one. Depending on how you are feeling that day, you can choose which one you want. I like to swirl this all together for an all over glow!
  • Endless Summer- This is the longest wear bronzer in the book. It is supposed to last 16 hours. This has a slight shimmer to it but still looks very natural!
  • Sun Bunny- Sun Bunny is a really natural looking glowy bronzer. It’s really for when you want to look like you are naturally that tan!

Blendability: These all blend really really well! I never have harshness to my contour when I am working with these.

Lasting Power: The lasting power on these are amazing! I always have these on for hours and they last all day! I am so impressed with this!

Overall: Overall, This is a great product! I think this is worth the price tag! Plus, you get a ton of product and you will never ever run out of these!