If you read my blog, you know that I recently made a little trip to Sephora. I had been really torn between this palette and the Tarte palette. I went to both Sephora and Ulta looking for the Tarte palette but it was sold out every where. To see how I have been feeling about this palette, Read on!

Packaging: I am horribly in love with this packaging. It is a magnetic closure with a great mirror! It has a matte black casing with bright red lips and a brush on it. It’s really sleek and I think it will be great for traveling. The only fault I think it has is that the fallout does stick to the packaging and is sort of hard to get clean. It’s not a deal breaker though!  

Colors: This part is my favorite! I LOVE that these are all shimmer shades! There are 9 shades including a black shade that makes for great eyeliner!

  • I-528: This is a really pearly white shade. It’s a great highlight and reminds me a lot of Mac Nylon.
  • S-556: This is sort of a taupe color. I use this quite a bit for the crease shade. It’s not as shimmery as the other shadows so it makes for a great crease or transition color.
  • S-102: The black shadow is amazing for a smudged out eyeliner look. I use it when I want more of a natural eyeliner but I don’t want a harsh line of a pen liner.
  • I-514: This one is my personal favorite shade. It’s a champagne shadow that is gorgeous! I love it for all over my lid!
  • I-544: This is a purple/mauve color. While it is pigmented, it’s not as much as the others. Because of this, I love to use it in my “Outer V”.
  • D-562: I use this in conjunction with the I-514. It’s a gorgeous bronzed shimmer shade that is so so beautiful in the crease! I am obsessed with this shade.
  • D-652: The most gorgeous Copper shade I have ever seen. I can’t get enough of this shade. It makes for such a gorgeous brown smoky eye.
  • ME- 644: This shade reminds me of an Olive. It has a subtle green under shade that can really make your eyes pop!
  • ME-512: This is a very Gold shimmery shade. It looks great when patted in the center of the lid. It just adds a lot of dimension and makes your eyes sparkle!     

Blendabilty: These all blend really really well! I have a hard time with eye shadows not blending on me but these are all great! They are really pigmented and are like butter!

Lasting Power: As someone with oily lids, I’m not actually very impressed with the lasting power. It does tend to crease on me on a hotter day. I don’t use primer but I do use concealer underneath. Maybe with the right primer, this would last a lot better!

Overall: Overall, I think this is an amazing palette! It is so gorgeous and blends so beautifully! The colors are so shimmery and they really make the eyes pop. It does come with a booklet of 3 separate looks you can do! ( Chic, Natural, Smokey) The one thing I don’t like about this palette is the colors don’t last very long on me!