Hey loves! So a couple of years ago, Sigma came out with makeup! I live in Minnesota and I was at the MOA where there is an actually Sigma Store. At the time, they had base kits and I bought the Bare one. Basically, it came with a nude base, bronze base, and a black base. I looked online recently and noticed they don’t have the kits anymore BUT you can still buy them individually. I thought seeing how I have started using this product again, I would review it for you!

Packaging: The packaging on this is really cute! I think the pot is unlike anything I have used before. That being said, I don’t like the packaging. It is really hard to take the cap off. If you have slippery hands (I use primer so my hands tend to be a little slick) it is really hard to get a grip on the cap. Another flaw is the opening is very small. If the pot is full, it’s no problem to get your finger in this ( if you have short nails). If you have long nails it is horrible! You do need a brush to get the product out and that can be sometimes hard to find the right kind of brush to stick in there that will be able to blend for you. 

Blending: When using your finger with this product it blends perfectly! It doesn’t get to cakey or anything! I do have a harder time making this blend with a brush. It does still blend very easily, you just need the right brush for the job. This doesn’t cake up on you at all and makes blending your eyeshadows on top of this perfect. Compared to the Mac paint pot. I would take this first!

Colors: The kit I bought has three colors for this. A nude, a bronze, and a black. I did individualize each of them.

  • Persuade- This one is my favorite. It’s nice and pale and I use this as an all over color. It is a dupe for the Mac Soft Orche which I do have in my collection. I think this color is a GREAT every day product and I swear by it!   
  • Pose- Pose is the bronze shade. I think this has a cheaper dupe (Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze). This is much creamier though! I had the dupe for it and it dried out insanely fast! This would be a great base if you were going for a bronze look. This also blends really nicely and doesn’t look like you caked it onto your eyes.   
  • Sculpt- This is the one that doesn’t get a lot of love for me. I don’t wear a dark smokey eye ever but if you did I would use this as the base. The only time I have really ever used it as an eyeliner but I didn’t care for it much. It was almost to creamy and I remember it transferring into my crease.  I am going to actually try to start using it because I do hate to waste product.    

Lasting Power: The lasting power on Persuade and Pose is great! It really hold shadows in place and it a great primer. Sculpt is almost too creamy and does make transfer into your crease if you use it as an eyeliner. I do really like these products though for a base. 

Overall: Overall, these are products I would repurchase separatly. I really love Persuade and would like to get pack into using Pose. Sculpt I just don’t think is right for me. If you use more blacks than I do though I would recommend using this as a base.