Hey Loves! Today I was rummaging around in my collection and it brought me back to the first 2 Benefit products I ever bought. I remember doing major research on them and watching what felt like millions of videos on each. I finally saved my money, went to Ulta, and brought them back home. I still have both of them to this day and I still do use them! To see my thoughts on Hervana and Hoola, Read on!

First, lets start with my personal favorite, Hervana. On the Sephora website, this is what it says.  


“This powder in four shades–Lucky Shell, Divine Peach, Heavenly Rose and Berry Delight–blend together perfectly for an orchid-blossom blush with a soft satin finish. Swirl and sweep it on for a heavenly flush of enlightenment.” 

Packaging: I am utterly obsessed with anything Benefit packaging. It is such a pretty box and reads “Good Karma” on it. Personally, my box has gone through a lot of abuse and has still held out pretty well. I really like this packaging!

Blending: This blush blends like a dream! It never looks cakey or blotchy! I use a Sigma brush to swipe this on the apples of my cheek.

Color: Pale girls rejoice! This is such a gorgeous pale pink on fair skin. It has a little bit of shimmer to it but not chunky glitter. It really makes your skin look like it is glowing! I love this for when I want a natural look.

Lasting: This blush does seem to last for a couple of hours. I don’t use a heavy hand while applying this so it does tend to fade by 2 pm. I think if you have a good primer or setting spray though, it would last a lot longer.

Overall: Overall, I love this blush. As you can see, I have hit pan on this so I will be repurchasing this!

Next, let’s move on to the first bronzer I ever bought, Hoola! The Sephora website reads:  


“This powder is like Barbados in a box! Sweep Hoola across the chin, cheeks, and forehead with the accompanying brush for a healthy, natural looking tan year-round— no tanning bed necessary.”

Packaging: As with the Hervana blush, This comes in a really nice, durable box. The colors don’t stand out nearly as well as other packaging from the brand but that’s okay! Again, my personal box has gone through a lot of abuse and it has held up really well!

Blending: I do have a hard time blending this bronzer. I don’t know if I go on with too much product or if I just get too lazy and stop blending. It can look really harsh on my skin.

Color: I have trouble with this color. It comes off orangey on my fair skin which can look really gaudy on me. It does look much better in my opinion on more of an olive skin than mine. I have a little cousin who can seem to rock this like none other! So, if you are fair like I am, you might want to stay clear of this bronzer.

Lasting: When I have worn this, I do notice it lasts a really long time. However, if it is a hot muggy day, it can start to look really muddy on me. The oils from my face will tend to separate this and make it look splotchy.

Overall: Overall, I would not repurchase this. I have had this for 3 years and I still haven’t made a note worthy dent in it. Between the blending issue and the color issue, this product is just not for me.

What boxed blushes do you love from Benefit so I can try them out?