Hey Loves! About a year ago, I got really into Mac Cosmetics. Like a lot. I stalked their website and but I rarely ordered. I do have a few lipsticks and 2 lip liners but I’m definitely not a huge hoarder. To see the few lip products that I do have, Read on!

  1. Creme Cup: This is a great cool pink lipstick. I think it looks great in the spring time when you finally want to start wearing pinks again. It’s not too bright but it still pops on your lips. It’s nice and creamy which I really like in a lipstick. I remember when I moved to my house that I actually searched boxes for this lipstick. I love it!  
  2. Bare Again: This is one of my all time favorite nude lipsticks. It looks nice and natural on the lips. This is actually my second tube of this! It was actually my first Mac lipstick I ever bought. This is something that I do see myself repurchasing!  
  3. Snob: Snob is a really bright, Barbie pink lipstick. I love seeing it on other people just not myself! I think it’s too bright for me. It’s a satin finish which is something I do like about it. Maybe once I get more comfortable, I’ll try wearing this more often.  
  4. Twig: There is actually a funny story behind why I felt the need to purchase this. Since my dad was a young lad, his nickname has been Twiggy with Twig being for short. I saw this and I needed to buy it. While the only time I wear this is during fall, it was still a great purchase. It is very warm brown hued and I’m so fair that sometimes it can come off as very dark.  I’m not sure if I would repurchase this but for now, I like having it in my collection.  
  5. Syrup: When I see this lipstick, I go back to my wedding day. I bought this lipstick on a suggestion from the girl working that day. I truly loved this as soon as she swatched it on my hand. Unfortunatley, I lost it on my wedding night BUT my little cousin bought me a new tube for Christmas. I have been wearing this almost every day since! This is something that I will certainly repurchase!  
  6. Dervish: Dervish is one of my all time favorite lip liners. It is a “your lips but better” color which I love. I like to pair this under Syrup and Bare Again! I will absolutely repurchase this once I’m out!  
  7. Whirl: I bought this because I would see it on a beauty guru’s video all the time. It looks amazing on her! It is a little dark on me but I do like to pair it with Twig in the fall! I’m not sure if I will be repurchasing this. I’ve had it for sometime and I still haven’t even had to sharpen it yet.  

Well, that is my Mac Collection for lip products. What lip products do you love from Mac? Let me know in the comments so I can swatch it next time I’m in Minneapolis!