On Saturday, I had gone to Target to do some damage in the Beauty Aisle. I had stumbled along the Sonia Kashuk brand and thought why not. I skimmed over the items and noticed the blending sponge. If you don’t know, my beloved dog decided to eat my beauty blender. I didn’t want to spend the $20.00 on a new one and I figured I would try the $10.00 version. To see how it compares, Read on!

Look and Feel: Instead of being the gorgeous pink of the beauty bender, this is a really pretty blue color. It’s like sunshine and flowers and bright blue skies! I couldn’t not love the color! For the feel of this, it’s pretty durable. It’s definitely not as spongey as the BB. It is more firm than any other sponge I have ever used. I think I would like something feeling more like the BB.

Usage: According to the Sonia Kashuk website, this can be used both damp and dry. In fact, if you go on the site, the “tip” is to dampen it like the BB. When I tried to use it to apply my foundation, I was not fond of it! I had a really hard time getting my foundation to blend into the sponge to blend onto my face.

Blending: Using this sponge to blend foundation is nearly impossible. It seemed to soak all the product up and not disperse it at all. It seemed to just pop circles of the shape all over my face. I ended up grabbing one of my Sigma Foundation Brushes to blend out everything. Next, I tried using it to blend my concealer underneath my eyes and it actually REMOVED my foundation that was around my eye area!

Overall: Overall, I wouldn’t repurchase this. I wouldn’t even suggest it. The only positive thing was the color! It didn’t blend out anything! It actually removed my makeup! Ultimately Ladies, save an extra $10.00 and go to Sephora to buy a Beauty Blender!