Hey loves! I am someone who can not sleep if I have not washed up. I need to take my makeup off and shower every night.  It’s the only way I can go to bed. To see what I do at night to get ready, read on. 

  1. I first need to take my makeup off. Now, because I know that I will be washing my face, I buy cheap wipes. I use the Equate exfoliating makeup remover wipes to just take off the base of my makeup. These work really well if you just need something quickly. 
  2. Once I’m in the shower, I shampoo and condition my hair. The shampoo and conditioner that I am using right now is definitely not something I would repurchase again. It’s awful and I’m just trying to push through it. It’s the Panteen Classically Clean set and it’s something I’m happy I don’t use every single night (I can go about 3 days without washing my hair) 
  3. While I’m waiting for my conditioner to set, I wash my face and body. I love using the Clean and Clear Morning Burst! I wipe it off with a hot washcloth just as an extra exfoliant. Currently, I am using the Dove Pomegranate body wash and I am in love with it. It lathers and smells so good! 
  4. After all of that, I rinse out my hair and I take a minute to shave. 
  5. Once, I’m out of the shower I moisturize! I use  Eucerin Daily Protection so that I get a good amount of SPF also. 
  6. I spritz my damp hair with Its a 10, brush it out, and go to bed!