Hey loves! When I was growing up, my grandparents insisted on taking us to every state in the United States. (I’ve been to all but five from the age of five to thirteen!) It was something that really taught me to try to talk to everyone! Every camp ground we stayed at I was determined to know every fact about at least one person. Fortunately, this never left me! I still want to know everything about everyone. Thus, I love reading tags! Though I don’t do many, I always read them! I thought this would be a great way to get to know a little about me outside of the beauty aspect! Read on to know more about me! 

1) Do you have a middle name?

Marie after my great great grandma from Italy! So my monogram is BAM and my family monogram is CAB 

2) What is your favorite subject in school?

It’s been awhile since I have been in a class room but my favorites were always English and Math! Oh, and lunch. Always lunch! 

3) What is your favorite drink? 

Water! I’m not much of a big drinker but I always love water, sweet tea or lemonade! 

4) What is your favorite song at the moment?

Oh Donna by Ritchie Valens or the Phantom of the Opera will always have the biggest soft spot in my heart! 

5) What would you name your children? 

Sarah Elizabeth or Natalie Rose and I’m not sure on a boys name! 

6) Do you participate in any sports?

Before I had knee surgery, I was in track, volleyball, and sideline cheerleading. After surgery though my knees could only handle cheer! So I was very active in that! 

7) What’s your favorite book?

The Bible!  I also read the book To Kill A Mockingbird every single year since I was 16! 

8) What’s your favorite color?

Purple or Coral! 

9) What’s your favorite animal?

Beside the obvious dog, a Penguin is my all time favorite. It’s my dream to get to meet a penguin! 

10) What’s your favorite perfume?

Prada Candy is my favorite in Winter and Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue in the Summer! 

11) What’s your favorite holiday?

I live for Christmas and Easter! I love the festivities but most importantly the Message of God! 

12) Do you have any siblings? 

Yes! I have two older brothers that are 29 and 27 and a sister in law who is 21! 

13) Where is your favorite place to shop?

Jcrew, Lilly Pulitzer, Sephora, Target! 

14) What’s your favorite restaurant?

It is actually a local Italian restaurant about 20 minutes away from my house. It’s crazy expensive so it’s always a nice treat! 

15) Who are your favorite Youtubers?

Jaclyn Hill, RachhLoves, and Kelly Strack

16) What’s your favorite movie?

I never get sick of Ferris Beullers Day Off! 

17) Favorite tv show?

Probably Big Bang Theory! I think it is hilarious! 

18) What phone do you have?

I have an IPhone 6 in Gold! 

19) How tall are you?

I actually used to be 5’3 1/2 but I had knee surgery my Junior year of High School and shrunk to 5’2! 

20) Any pets? My beloved Terrier mix Ace!