I recently went to the drug store and picked up some new things. I went by the Maybelline Colossal Mascara and remembered that I had tried this once. I remember RAVING about it and how much I loved this. So, naturally, I had to try another tube! 

  Picture via Target.com 
Packaging: I love this packaging! I love bright fun colors and anything cheetah print. 

Wand:  The wand is sort of curved like Covergirls Clump Crusher so that you can really get into all of those lashes and really pump up the volume! 

Formula: This is actually the part that I am not fond of. At all actually. I feel like I can’t get any formula on my wand and if I do, it’s dry as a bone! I blink and I have flakes ALL over my face from it. 

Removal: The removal is very easy because it just sort of flakes off. One good swipe with a makeup remover wipe and you are set! 

Overall: I don’t think this is worth buying. It’s really dry and flakes off all over your face. You can’t get a lot of volume or curl with this. I’d spend the extra couple of dollars and buy something else.