Hey ladies! I caved and bought the Shade Light Palette right before Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t sure about it but I figured I would try it. I have such a light skin tone, and I didn’t know how the colors would work. However, I do my cousins make up all the time and she is a much darker skin tone than myself. 

Let’s just talk palette. The packaging is the standard GORGEOUS Kat Von D packaging. It is a magnetic closure which is super convientant. It is nice and sleek and about the size of an eyeshadow palette. There is a big mirror in it as well so it is easy to use with travel. 

The palette comes with 6 different shades! Three highlighting or setting powders on top and three contouring shades on bottom. 

The shades that I personally use on almost a daily basis are as follows:

I use this shade for under my eyes to set my concealer. It actually matches my color perfectly so it is just a nice airbrush look. 

I use this color as a highlight when I just want something subtle. It is a matte color but it just really adds a nice little touch! 

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART! I think this contour powder is the perfect contour color. It’s not too cool or too warm and there is no shimmer. I use this with a dense angled kabuki and use it in the hollow of my face. It blends really nicely and just looks flawless. 

Ultimately: I think this is a great palette and well worth the price tag!