I love setting spray. In fact, I use 3 everyday. Would I use them alone, do I honestly see a difference? Read on to find out! 

 From left to right: Urban Decay De-slick, Mac Fix+, Kat Von D Lock it Settinv Spray 

Urban Decay: I have a full on love/hate relationship with this spray. I love how it feels on my face before doing my makeup, but I down right hate the price. It’s about 32 US dollars. That’s insane. (When I first bought it 3 years ago, it was 28) Now, I normally put this on before my foundation just as a *hopeful* oil control. It doesn’t really have a smell and it’s not sticky. Honestly though, I could do without it… And I have. The only reason I bought another bottle is because I blacked out ( I like to pretend that’s normal and other people do this too) during the Sephora VIB sale and I didn’t even realize I bought it until I was 2 hours away from my nearest Sephora. 

Mac Prep and Prime Fix+: This is I think my third bottle of fix+. I pretty much hoard the empty bottles so that I can Back 2 Mac them! I really enjoy this spray. I either spray my entire face after I have used foundation and then again after all powders have been applied to my face. I don’t always use it to make the “gorgeous glow” look but to just not make me look like I got in a fight with powder and lost. On days that I really want my eye shadow to pop (or I’m using glitter..let’s be honest) I spritz just a little on a brush. Now , the price tag is something I could do without, but because of the whole Back 2 Mac deal, it makes it worth it. I’m pretty much an addict for saying this but I could stop using this stuff if I wanted, but why ruin a great thing. 

Kat Von D: First, can we JUST take a second to appreciate how BEAUTIFUL everything is packaged from Kat?! Now that that is done, we can get started. This spray is a *touch* sticky when you spray it and you have to be a good distance away. Personally, I don’t mind it. It makes me feel like my makeup is stuck like glue and it’s not coming off. This smells like fresh cucumber so if you don’t like that, this might need to be passed on. I used to use the UD after putting on my makeup and I have never noticed a difference. Thus, I thought all sprays were the same. THEY ARE NOT! This makes my makeup last for so long!!!! I can’t get over how much I like this! Plus, for 24 US dollars, I love it!!!!! Ultimately, I’m going to mourn this bottle when I’m through with it.Luckily, I have a back up! 

Shorthand answers: 

Urban Decay: don’t waste your 32 dollars. Buy a primer instead. 

Mac: I could stop using this at any time, I just don’t want to.